I N D I E  5 0 0  R E C O R D S  S T O R E
  Artist Title Price Buy It Format Singles
The Fuglees F-Bomb $10 Buy It CD Ready Here We Go, Chump, Follow You Around
Stereo Deluxe When the Party's Over $9.99 Buy It CD All Over Again, Southside Stomp, and Believe
Carbellion The Horse $10 Buy It CD Might Of I Might, Fire Down Below, Stalemate
The Round Ups The Round Up's Play  "Perpetual Motion" And Other Favorites $10 Buy It CD Perpetual Motion, Canada Dry, and Done Broke
Chad Harvey Get Lit $10 Buy It CD Backstage Pass, Sunny Day and Get Lit
Mars or the Moon The Price of Love $10 Buy It CD Sexing the Cherry, Disgrace and Ray.
Chevy Downs All The Landlord's Children $10 Buy It CD I'll Be Home Momma, In My Dreams, and Small Details.
Stereo Deluxe Stereo Deluxe $10 Buy It CD
Things You Do, Too Much Time, Uncle Sam, and Do You Love Me Tonight?
Jane Jensen My Rockabye $10 Buy It CD Lovers, L.A. Junkyard, and Nu Love.
Permacrush Vice $10 Buy It CD Starstruck, Punchdrunk, and Bottle Rocket.
ESW ESW $10 Buy It CD Either/Orgy, Let The Cough Syrup Do The Talking, and Golly Jihad.
Carbellion/Outshine Split EP $5 Buy It CD Left Behind, Passage West.
Resurface The World Still Turns $10 Buy It CD From My Hands, Sixteen, Walls On Fire, and Tears.
Wonderdrug Hi! $10 Buy It CD Hi!, Star Trip, N.Y.C. High, and Morningstar.
Permacrush Stack EP $5 Buy It CD Bottle Rocket, Wanderlust and Sunny Days.
Carbellion Villians $10 Buy It CD Shake It, Sapphire Eyes, 20th Century Boy.
Undone Undone $5 Buy It EP Wrong Again and Fallen.
Diamonds and Rust Bitterskin $11.50

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CD Every Broken Heart, 
Step Inside This House and Serpentine.
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