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80's Baby the smashing debut EP from Brenna Faith.
Available only on Indie 500 Records.



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80's Baby

80's Babys

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A star of tomorrow is born today. This is Brenna Faith.
Brenna Faith releases her brillant debut EP, 80’s Baby on Indie 500 Records.
At 20 years old, Brenna Faith’s powerful voice delivers emotive and poetic lyrics of a person far beyond her age. Brenna takes her audience on a journey from heartache and insecurty to independence and redemption.

Brenna is only geographically from Indiana.
Her sound combines Euro new wave hooks with indie pop anthems of empowerment.

When Brenna was 12 years old she found artistic inspiration listening to her parent’s record collection. Records from 80’s icons Tiffany and John Waite partiularly resonated. She began writing songs and actually released an EP at 13. She also appered on stage with Nelly and could be seen on The Hallmark Channel.
However, the following years were dark and desperate times.
She watched as her biggest hero, her father, suffer from  PTSD from his time of duty serving in the Marines. He gave Brenna the mantra to “never give up”.
In Brenna’s young life she’s experienced her own abuse and hearbreak.

As part of the healing process, Brenna channelled negative energy into writing songs.  
After graduating high school, Brenna committed to dedicating herself to music.
Witnessing Brenna’s perfomance of the National Anthem at an event honoring US military veterans, she attracted the attention of music manager, David Highbaugh.

As luck would have it, Highbaugh had a great idea.
He enlisted long-time friend and record producer, Marc Johnson to execute Brenna’s vision. David was well aware that Marc, with his twin brother Eric Klee Johnson, had previously worked with both John Waite and Tiffany!
However, in addition to those classic 80’s icons, Johnson also works with artists like Chrisette Michele, on her GRAMMY Nominated record, Better (Universal/Motown), Rita Ora, Cut Copy, and Sublime with Rome.

Well, after a rocky first encounter, Brenna and Marc’s collaboration yielded her powerful 2020 single “One Day”, a song dedicated to victims and survivors of sexual assault. Since then, Brenna and Marc forged a long-standing artistic partnership.

The first single, “80’s Baby”, is a sheer nostalgia trip custom made for TikTok.
Brenna explores a time when Polaroids, mix tapes, caller ID, and “dancing to Tiffany” were the norm. Her expressive vocals sit on top of a waterbed of ear candy.
It’s signature synth melody against distorted guitars calls to mind what would happen if The Cars got into a gang fight with Blink 182.

On the song “Outcast”, Brenna lets everyone know it’s quite ok to be alone “you made leaving so easy” and different “I am weird but I’m unique”. This is all happening as analog synths swirl to an angular rhythm.

Trip is an indie rock anthem of independence. Proclaiming to take “a year-long trip” solo style “not you, just me”. Its music would feel at home in the desert at Coachella.
In the last year, Brenna made multiple “trips” herself to Los Angeles to chase her dream while working on her record.

The EP comes to close paying respective for her initial inspiration by covering John Waite Babys-era “Back on My Feet Again”.

Brenna Faith is the new sensation on the music scene and she wants to take you on a trip. Check out 80’s Baby now on Indie 500 Records.

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