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"Fool Out Of You", the brilliant debut single by Jack Ziesemer

Jack Ziesemer FOOL OUT OF YOU Indie 500 Records

The sun shines bright around young Jack Ziesemer. As prodigious talents go, rarely has there been such a complete package. “Fool Out of You” is his debut single, a chunky slice of blues-rock, written when he was 11, recorded at age 12, and released just after his 13th birthday. If that isn’t enough, Ziesemer plays all of the instruments, displaying a competence, craft, and flair way beyond his years. The only thing that belies his age is a voice that hasn’t quite changed yet.

From the opening slam of the drums, “Fool Out of You” pops and punches out of your speakers. Swirling Hammond B3 organ, a heavy bass, and Ziesemer’s sly vocals set the stage for an exciting wah-drenched guitar solo that absolutely explodes. Powered by Eric Klee Johnson’s dynamic production, it’s a track and performance that sells itself, no matter what age he may be. Jack Ziesemer is the real deal, and here he is.

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