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The Waldemere Revival Release Double Album "Whiskey Bottle Theatre".

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

The Waldemere Revival recorded their debut album, Whiskey Bottle Theatre over 10 years ago at The Pop Machine recording studios in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Revivial were an incredible live band with a sizable jam-band national following. Their trippy shows were packed with hook-laden tunes, harmonica freak-outs, and experimental jams.

Unfortunately, due to the stresses of a hectic touring schedule, and much to the dismay of their rabid fanbase, The Waldemere Revival broke up and Whiskey Bottle Theatre was never released.

TWR fans have long awaited the release of the music they fondly remember grooving to at Waldemere's live gigs. Through the years, Whiskey Bottle Theatre developed an aura of mystery fueled by a curious new generation of music loving hippies.

Tragically, in 2019, their talented singer, Steve Martin, passed away after battling leukemia. Steve had a loving wife, Kim, and a bright musical future ahead of him. As expected, fans, friends, and family were devastated, but they all knew what Steve would have wanted; to immortalize his musical legacy by finally releasing Whiskey Bottle Theatre.

TWR drummer extraordinaire, Justin Atkins had a plan.

Atkins started a go fund me campaign, and TWR fans generously responded pledging thousands of dollars to unearth the mysterious unreleased double-album. Justin schemed with the record's producer, Marc Johnson to proceed with putting finishing touches on the record. Marc remixed the songs on Whiskey Bottle Theatre while Justin secured a record deal with Indie 500 Records.

The band: Justin, Blain, Corey, Johnny, and Steve's widow, Kim all loved the results of Whiskey Bottle Theatre and rejoiced on its release day. Now there's even talk of a short tour using guest vocalists to channel the spirit of their beloved musical brother, Steve Martin.

Check out Whiskey Bottle Theatre by The Waldemere Revival.

Available only on Indie 500 Records.

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